Here’s How T-Mobile Scored a Major Win With Free Pizza

For free food, we’ll apparently do anything

Wireless underdog T-Mobile has America’s insatiable craving for pizza to thank for its huge number of new customers.

When it reported earnings Wednesday morning, the third largest wireless carrier in the nation told investors it gained 646,000 new subscribers last quarter, CNET reports. It accomplished this feat by giving away company stock, movies, car rides and, yes, pizza.

To help it compete against wireless behemoths AT&T and Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile forged partnerships with ride-hailing service Lyft and Domino’s Pizza to woo potential new customers with vouchers for free rides and free pizza. The company also promoted giveaways of T-Mobile stock.

These promos were popular enough to cause glitches last month when T-Mobile rolled out its new T-Mobile Tuesdays app because so many people were trying to download it at the same time, CNET reported at the time. More recently, T-Mobile announced it would give away free data for people playing Pokémon Go, which already has become notorious for guzzling players’ monthly data allowances.

Giving away free stuff is apparently the key to the American consumer’s wallet. T-Mobile added a total of 890,000 customers (when you add in non-phone devices like tablets) and 1.9 total “net” additions, including prepaid and wholesale customers.


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