Jessica Alba has got voice through social media


London, Jun 8: Actress Jessica Alba says she was only able to find her voice once she got Twitter and Instagram and is thankful for social media giving her a platform to be herself. The 35-year-old actress admitted that until the introduction of social networking sites she felt her whole life was made up of portraying different images, which made her feel like a puppet, reported Female First. (ALSO READ: Jessica Alba didn’t plan first pregnancy)

“So much of my life was in other people’s hands. A movie studio would market me a certain way for a certain demographic, or a publisher had to portray me a certain way for their audience. I was this puppet, and I understood why, but I felt so disconnected from this version of me that everybody knew, or thought they know. ”Social media was the first time I really got to be authentic and speak in my own voice. It’s so great to have an outlet where I can be me,” she said.

[Source:- India]