Kareena Kapoor Says There’s No Respect For Actors These Days

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan has been an integral part of the Hindi film industry for almost 16 years. The actress, who has not only given hits but is also known for her critically acclaimed roles, said that people nowadays don’t show much respect to actors as they did before.

Kareena appreciates the new generation of filmmaking, but she is upset with the promotional trend that is taking a toll on celebrities.

“Earlier, there was respect for the actor but now I don’t see such respect among people. Earlier, people used to get desperate to get one glimpse of their favourite actors, but now celebrities themselves put their bathroom pictures and too many weird pictures on social media,” Kareena said during an interview for her film Ki and Ka, which released on Friday. (Also

Kareena is one celebrity among all her peers who is absent from social media.

Kareena also thinks that promotions are stressful and too much to take on. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actress also admitted that intensive promotion doesn’t guarantee a film’s success, but she is hopeful for Ki And Ka.

Kareena thinks the film is entertaining and has a different concept, which was never tried before on Indian celluloid.

“We are not politicians and we are not causing a revolution. We have made an entertaining film and if people see the message then it is fine, if not even that is fine, because it is a story of two people who decide to experiment on their relationship,” said Kareena.

[Source:- NDTV ]