Modern-day Weibo leak another time claims to reveal Lightning EarPod headphones for iPhone 7

With the iPhone 7 widely predicted to be the first version without a fashionable 3.5mm headphone jack, many have wondered what headphones if any Apple will package deal with the subsequent-gen hardware. The present day wager once more comes from Weibo (via as we see two exclusive picsdisplaying the equal set of Apple EarPod headphones with a Lightning connector lead to location of the same old headphone connector.

Take those snap shots with a big grain of salt as we have within the past whilst similar images have surfaced, but, as any such product is effortlessly Photoshopped. as an example, this set of Lightning EarPods that later were given debunked. additionally note the thickness of the Lightning connector on theultra-modern set of purported Lightning EarPods. The cease of a bit thicker than the Lightning connector onstandard charging cables, and audio is already supported over Lightning, despite the fact that the greaterthickness ought to add durability which is a common trouble.

The latest rumor per week ago definitely recommended that Apple will package the usual EarPods we have these days with the iPhone 7, but include a three.5mm jack to Lightning adapter inside the containerto apply with the brand new iPhone. even as that feels like a alternatively clunky solution, it might make the bundles earbuds well suited with Macs, iPads, and each different device without needing an adapter.

apart from Lightning headphones or in any other case, Apple is anticipated to release completelywireless earbuds, likely called AirPods, in time for the iPhone 7. these Bluetooth earbuds are predicted to be twineloose and are presently being advanced by using the Beats team inside Apple, even thoughthey may be advertised as Apple and not Beats.

At any fee, we should discover soon: if the whole thing is going in step with agenda, the new iPhone 7 or something Apple comes to a decision to name it have to debut someday in September. differentanticipated adjustments consist of a redesigned antenna layout at the back, larger cameras such as atwin lens setup at the Plus mode, new garage capacities such as 256GB, and a brand new area Blackcoloration option. capture up on our iPhone 7 manual for all of the present day.