Morning briefing: Foxconn locks horns with Apple

Foxconn locks horns with Apple with its $3.5 billion bet. What makes industry insiders a wee skeptical is that billions of dollars are likely to be spent on building production lines that yield no profit for several years.

As Digital India gathers steam, hardware industry body MAIT, in association with Intel and Datamini, launched a device with an Aadhaar authentication feature. There’s also a possibility of this feature finding usage in the ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana’.

With more and more companies joining the pursuit of the cyber-security Holy Grail, KPMG launches an app that can assess your cyber-security index. The ‘Cyber KARE’ toolkit is touted to be an acid test to put your security through the wringer.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s man at the helm, Satya Nadella emphasized the need for man to collaborate with machines. He announced that the company is working on building intelligence that augments human abilities and experiences.

Chances are that you’re done with your annual appraisal, all happy and content. Now, take a look at which CEO rakes in the most moolah.

[Source:- Computer World]