New Mac mini 2016 uk release date, specifications & new functions rumours: Mac mini replace due in Oct 2016? | Skylake processors rumoured – or maybe Kaby Lake | Will Apple kill off the Mac mini?

A brand new, up to date Mac mini is predicted to release in 2016, for the reason that line wasn’t updatedat all in 2015; but Apple is giving nothing away. despite the fact that, based on beyond revel in and thespecs of modern-day Macs, we have were given a truthful idea of what to expect from the brand newMac mini, and whilst to expect it. we’ve were given all the new Mac mini hints and rumours for you rightright here. study on for the subsequent Mac mini’s in all likelihood release date, specs, designmodifications and new features.

we will update this newsletter whenever new facts is unearthed, so test again frequently for the ultra-modern Mac mini replace rumours.

updated, 29 June, to in brief recall the possibilities of USB-C making it into the following Mac mini, and on 22 June 2016 to speak about the viable discontinuation of the Mac mini.

New Mac mini 2016 rumours: what is the Mac mini?
not the no-brainer it might sound to eager mini-heads: lots of in any other case tech-savvy people are notaware the Mac mini even exists. indeed, from time to time it looks like Apple itself is not privy to its presence. that could absolutely give an explanation for the long hole earlier than the 2014 modelchanged into launched.

The Mac mini is Apple’s smallest computer Mac and also its cheapest Mac, at £399. it’s a full-blown OS Xlaptop that fits into a self-contained chassis no bigger than a hard and fastpinnacle container. it is anless expensive residing-room Mac that lacks the energy of even some MacBooks and springs with out akeyboard, mouse or show, however one that works flawlessly as the centre of your virtual homenow not least because it comes with HDMI sockets, in order that plugging it right into a modern-day tv is a doddle.

There used to be a Mac mini with OS X Server to be had for £849 however Apple eliminated thatalternative from the line-up in October 2014.
New Mac mini 2016 rumours: launch date
when will the subsequent Mac mini come out?

Apple last up to date the Mac mini on sixteen October 2014 after a twoyr wait: the preceding version got here out on 23 October 2012. Mac mini fanatics are now watching for the subsequent generation of the smallest and most inexpensive Mac. we’re hopeful that it could pop out this 12 months, and recentrecords points to an replace in autumn 2016.

(Of path, it is not that simple. Apple used to update the mini extra frequently; earlier than 2012 there werenew fashions in 2009 (two times!), 2010 and 2011, and the more constructive among Macworld’s team of workers had expected Apple to announce a new Mac mini within the autumn of 2015, in all likelihoodalong the new iMac with 4K Retina show, or at the identical time as the El Capitan release. but the onespossibilities were and gone.)

One famous principle for some time was that the brand new Mac mini might make an look at WWDC 2016, which commenced on thirteen June 2016 – however within the event, Apple didn’t announce any new Macs in any respect. (despite the fact that Mac enthusiasts can console themselves with all of theinformation approximately the forthcoming macOS Sierra operating device, and what meaning for yourcutting-cuttingmodern machine. you can set up macOS Sierra in your Mac mini right now, if it is a 2010model or later, but you will need a developer account.)

we are looking ahead to the next Mac mini update, now not least due to the fact Apple has introducednew Skylake Intel processors to its laptops and computer systems, leaving the Mac mini in the dust. Inreality, the following technology of Intel chips is due close to the end of 2016 – they are referred to asKaby Lake – and it is feasible that the new Mac mini ought to characteristic processors from this batch.however we’re getting beforehand of ourselves. we will communicate approximately processors, anddifferent specs, in a later segment of this article.
New Mac mini 2016 rumours: Will Apple stop the Mac mini?
Apple, to paraphrase a colleague, is commonly superb at killing its darlings: at knowing while it makesexperience to drop a farloved product or product functionone that is regularly nonetheless popularand/or profitable – and switch cognizance to something else that has greater of a future. suppose the iPod traditional or the optical pressure. it’s why rumours that it’s going to drop the headphone port from the iPhone 7, or transfer its virtual track commercial enterprise completely from downloads to streaming,seem so potential.

There are more than one applicants to be the following iPod classic. The MacBook Air is one. but theMac mini, which hasn’t been updated when you consider that 2014, is not often noted at activities, and feels surplus to necessities now that the Apple television is making its declare as a media centre device(despite the fact that for storing a big number of films the mini stays an top notch desire, presenting500GB as trendy and up to 2TB as a configuration option), will be watching for a P45 more thanmaximum of Apple’s product line-up.

The design of the Mac mini hasn’t modified drastically since it changed into first launched and isbeginning to feel a little dated, and the tool would not have a clear promoting factor (or at least, Appleisn’t doing a good process of communicating one). So it wouldn’t wonder us if Apple quietly retired the road at its subsequent Mac release occasion. it is either that or provide it a thorough overhaul.

If Apple does kill off the mini, we would should begin asking questions about the ‘mini’ branding inpreferred, and thinking if the iPads are going to be reorganised: there’s already a experience that the ‘Air’brand is on the manner out, throughout both MacBooks and iPads. but this is a story for another day.

New Mac mini 2016 rumours: charge
How a whole lot will the subsequent Mac mini fee?

There are presently 3 fashions of the Mac mini available; the one that is quality for you may depend onyour budget and computing wishes. The cheapest model currently prices £399, the middle model is £569, and the priciest version is £799.

those charges ware substantial because they marked a reduction of £a hundred: formerly the cheapestMac mini was £499, for instance. Of route, you’ll nonetheless want to thing in the price of a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

however, we do not anticipate Apple reducing the charge in addition with the brand new model when it launches, so you can count on similar pricing. optimistically higher specifications on your cash,although, of path. Which leads us directly to

New Mac mini 2016 rumours: specifications and functions
it is feasible that Apple has been watching for Intel to deliver the brand new Skylake chips beforelaunching the new Mac mini, even though Apple may additionally accept the Broadwell chips rather; that might nevertheless represent a electricity enhance over the present day Haswell processors. If the newMac minis pop out in very overdue 2016 or later, Intel can also have started volume manufacturing of the next era of processors: Kaby Lake. whether or not Apple is likely to squeeze the state-of-the-arttechnology of chips into a budget machine is arguable.

As we discuss in our iMac rumour roundup, Intel has laid out a roadmap for its next four generations of processor. After Skylake, the following spherical of Intel processors, going into mass manufacturing inpast due 2016, will be Kaby Lake, accompanied in flip with the aid of Cannonlake, then Ice Lake in 2018 and Tiger Lake in 2019.

Kaby Lake uses a 14nm technique, equal as Broadwell and Skylake, but Cannonlake switches over to aextra accurate 10nm method.

Our iMac predictions additionally include new photos chipsets: Polaris 10, by means of AMD, that’sspecially interesting because it could make the following iMacs VR-prepared. but the contemporaryvariety of Mac mini fashions characteristic included portraits, and we count on this to stay the case in the next era.

proper now, the accessdegree Mac mini functions just 4GB RAM as popular, which we assume shouldbe ramped as much as 8GB within the new entrystage version.

the other big change we are hoping to see in the new Mac mini is the addition of greater flash drivealternatives. presently the two.8GHz version comes with a Fusion drive, or you could add 256GB flashgarage to that version, or the two.8GHz version.

even as the 500GB difficult drive inside the cutting-cuttingmodern entrylevel model (and the 1TB hardpower as trendy within the £569 version) might seem appealing to a few, flash memory is so muchfaster that we accept as true with it’s far properly well worth the compromise of storing additionaldocuments on an external difficult power.

however, it appears unlikely that Apple might do away with the difficult drive storage option altogether, as many workgroups pick the Mac mini as a server and will need the more ability and lower costs that HDgarage makes feasible.USB-C
it is felt like the USB port has been on borrowed time ever since Apple released the primary-gen 12-inch MacBook – with its lone USB type-C (or, extra commonly, just USB-C) port for each records and charging – in 2015. just like the optical pressure circa 2012, it seems probably that lavatorytrendy USB 3.0 is no longer in Apple’s mind, and (until the marketplace rejects USB-C comprehensively, which no matter somequalms approximately there simplest being one port on the MacBook, hasn’t befell but) it’s clearly amatter of time before the rest of the Mac line-up switches throughout to the more moderen tech.

USB-C gives extra benefits than simply being reversible and thereby simpler to attach whilst you can’tsee what you are doing; in concept, it offers twice the statistics throughput of USB three.0 and thepotential to deliver far greater energy. The latter component enabled Apple to apply USB-C as acombined statistics and strength port and further narrow down its pc design.

Our feeling is that the Mac mini won’t be next on the list, but – our money‘s at the made over MacBookseasoned. As a price rangetargeted (and extremely ignored) line, the Mac mini is not in all likelihood to get the love and 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c componentry of greater favoured products. Andenergy shipping – and the ability to cast off extraneous ports and slim down the chassis – is a long waymuch less of a subject for a static system just like the mini than for a transportable just like theMacBook.
New Mac mini 2016 rumours: design
it is feasible that the Mac mini will get a new layout. we’re no longer awaiting a chief visible orconstruct redecorate, but it’s miles truly possible that it can get thinner and smaller, particularly since itnot has to house a CD drive.

proper now the size are three.6cm excessive, 19.7cm wide, and it weighs 1.22kg. How about a Mac mini that has similar dimensions to an Apple tv? (this is nine.8cm wide, 2.3cm high, and a weight of 0.27kg.)

there has been a few hypothesis that the cause for the long delay prior to the Mac mini replace in 2014was that Apple was looking at redesiging the Mac mini along the traces of the Mac seasoned.

This changed into likely intended as an April idiot‘s Day prank, however we love this render of a flat Mac mini, as visible on Apple user.

New Mac mini replace rumours 2016
Even higher, how approximately a Mac mini it is additionally an Apple tv? including Apple tv capabilityto a Mac mini would be a amazing way of getting the Mac mini into human beings‘s residing rooms as ahome amusement device.