PICKETT’S PREP Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett on gaming, spinning and who’ll be winning at UFC 201

All-action: Brad Pickett

During my last fight I wasn’t 100% happy with my output and stamina so I’m focusing on building that up so I’m in peak condition. I’ve actually been doing a lot of spinning – it’s low impact and a brilliant work out.

My team mate from Team Titan in London, Jake Bostwick, is out here with me too – he and I have been spinning together a couple of times now!

If you don’t already follow me on Snapchat, you should do. You can follow my cardio training. It’s more exciting than it sounds, honest!



I have a bit of a reputation for pranking a lot of my team mates, and now thanks to the wonder of Snapchat you can follow my adventures as I share my pranks with the world.

If you play Clash of Clans you should check out my army on that too – One Punch Army. A new war leader has been appointed and he’s taking it to the next level. We’ve won five wars in a row. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well, that’s your loss!

Brad's teammate Dustin Poirier got his broken nose fixed after his win over Joe Duffy

Brad’s teammate Dustin Poirier got his broken nose fixed after his win over Joe Duffy in January

I think I’ll be heading to Dustin Poirier’s house this weekend to watch UFC 201 – it’s a solid card, with plenty of people I’ve trained with heading into the Octagon!

Ross Pearson v Jorge Masvidal is going to be an awesome fight. As much as I love Ross I’m going to be rooting for my ATT team mate Jorge, although Ross is really keeping busy and is a true athlete, taking this fight on short notice and moving up a weight class – all credit to him.

Entertaining style: California bantamweight Francisco Rivera

Entertaining style: California bantamweight Francisco Rivera

Rivera v Perez will also be good – those are two very tough guys. I’m backing Rivera on this one – I hope he gets the job done, he deserves it.

He’s a great man and a great fighter, I enjoyed my scrap with him back in February; he’s a true gent.

And of course the card is topped by Mr Lawler v Tyron Woodley. Much has been made of them both fighting out of ATT, but I have to say, it’s not how a lot of people think it is.

UFC 189: Lawler v MacDonald

ATT through and through: UFC champ Robbie Lawler

With no disrespect to Tyron, he’s not an ATT teammate the same way that Robbie is. He trains here sometimes of course, but this isn’t a clash between two guys who are rolling together day in, day out.

Robbie is here every day, he’s always on the mats and sparring with the regulars. Tyron may well have been at ATT first, but Robbie relocated here and is part of the family.

I guess it makes a better story to pit them as rivals from the same team, but it’s just not like that. A team is more than just a name – you share your daily blood, sweat and tears with your team. They become your family, and you have an unbreakable bond.

Young Buddy Pickett with UFC welterweight champ Robbie Lawler

Young Buddy Pickett with UFC welterweight champ Robbie Lawler

Speaking of family, Sarah and Buddy came out this weekend! They’ll be here for two weeks, and it’s Buddy’s second trip out here – I think it’s time for him to get on the mats and start learning some new techniques (he’s probably been here more times than Woodley this year!).

UFC 189: Pickett v Almeida

SunSport blogger: Brad Pickett shares his fight camp diary

I can’t wait to see them – this is what keeps me going when I have to be away from home for so long. Buddy is growing up so quickly, I don’t want to miss out on his progress more than I absolutely have to.

I’ve been working on the card for my own event whilst I’ve been out here, so expect some news on Rise of Champions in the next week or so!

Check back next week for my next blog! Thanks, as ever, for the support!

[Source:- The Sun]