Pokémon Go update: Downloading latest version resets progress in game, leaving players devastated


As if it wasn’t bad enough that the new Pokémon Go update hasremoved the game’s step counter, some players are suffering from a glitch that takes their avatar back to level one.

Hundreds of angry fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration after the latest and biggest update left them back at square one, removing their beloved Pokémon and gathered items.

One social media user noted: “My Pokémon Go just reset and I lost everything… Level character, Pokémon… That is it for me. Deleted the app already.”

Another said: “Went to open my Pokemon game and it’s been reset?!? I am back to level one with no Pokémon or anything?!?”

Some have called on Niantic, the game’s developers, to refund any money spent on the game. (Despite the game being free-to-play, there is the option of spending real money on the in-game currency.)

Players have said logging out of Google Mail on the Safari app will fix the glitch, but this has been untested and unconfirmed.For those whom the update has worked, the update has brought in a raft of new features, including new warning signs, updated move stats, and the loss of the broken step-counter. Full details available here.

[Source:- Indepedent]