Recent Terror Attacks Around The World Raise Questions About ISIS And Security

Iraqis light candles on July 5 at the site of a suicide car bomb attack which took place early on July 3 in Baghdad's Karrada neighborhood killing at least 213 people and wounding more than 200.

On July 4, bombings rocked three cities in Saudi Arabia. Two days earlier the deadliest car bomb this year exploded in Baghdad. On July 1 in Dhaka, Bangladesh gunmen held hostages at a bakery killing 22. Just over a week ago, three suicide attackers killed 41 people at Istanbul’s airport. ISIS claimed responsibility for some of these attacks. For others, they did not — but officials suspect the terrorist group’s involvement. ISIS had vowed to make the holy month of Ramadan deadly and as it came to a close, they have done just that. Diane and her guests discuss new attacks from ISIS and security questions for the U.S.

[Source:- The Diane Rehm  Show]