Six things PM Narendra Modi said at Inter-State Council meet in New Delhi

The government held an Inter-State council meet in New Delhi on Saturday. Chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the meeting was attended by Union Ministers, along with chief ministers and Administrators of States and Union Territories.

The Inter-State council meet was held for the first time after ten years, PIB said. In a break from tradition past, the attendees discussed issues across a wide range of topics affecting both, the Central and state governments, rather than sticking to one or two important ones.

Here are five important things PM Modi said at the meet.

1) Aadhaar cards are a symbol of empowerment for Indians. So far, 102 crore Aadhaar Cards have been distributed. There are significant savings to the exchequer as a result of Aadhaar.

2) India Post Payments Bank: All post offices have now been recognised as payment banks and this will be of great help in implementing Direct Benefit Transfer.

3) Skill India: Indian’s youth is its greatest asset. They should be equipped with the skill and ability to think logically and work creatively.

4) Security, law and order: State governments should keep politics aside, and keep national security paramount.

Agencies in the country need to focus on intelligence sharing to ensure greater coordination among them, to strengthen the internal security of the country.

Focus on cyber crimes should be important.

5) Teach India: So far, focus was on expanding the reach of education facilities in the country. Now, it will also be on the quality of education and learning outcomes too. Technology can assist in improving education in the country.

6) Vigilance: Union and state governments cannot ignore what is happening across the world today. Maintain a visible presence of police forces, develop good CCTV network to curb crime.

[Source:- DNA]