Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re reading this article, you already know that good social media marketing is important. Social media advertising revenues are projected to reach a stunning $9.8 billion in 2016 alone. But despite the increasing evidence of the efficacy of social media marketing, most businesses are still behind the ball when it comes to actually implementing any kind of social media marketing in their strategies. And many of those which do just aren’t sure how to market through these channels effectively.

Social media is a hot field where marketing is concerned, but it’s not without its pitfalls… some more disastrous than others. So, how can small business owners avoid some of the most glaring pitfalls? What do they need to watch out for, or guard themselves against? We’ve put together some of the best tips and resources outlining critical mistakes to avoid. Not only will they increase your general ROI, but they’ll save you time, money, and even energy when managing your social media marketing campaigns.

Don’t Miss Your Target Audiences

Do you know what your target audience is? What they like, or dislike? If you’re not able to identify the most desirable audience for your business or brand, then you’re probably wasting your efforts. If you’re not sure what your target audience is (or should be), or what it is they like and spend most of their time on, the simplest possible way to find out is to ask existing customers or readership. Most are happy to tell you! And not just that, but you’re much more likely to reach the goals you set for your marketing efforts if you’re targeting those efforts correctly.

Promoting a Product Too Early

One of the worst things a retailer can do is to build a business page on social media, and begin promoting products on that page with only a small handful of followers. The first step should always be to begin building a fanbase. And how can you do this? By giving people useful information or creative outlets! Focusing on user engagement, and giving support out to social media users (whether it’s in the form of how-to articles or checklists or other information) to build them into a reliable, interested audience. Only try to push a product after you’ve got a hooked audience; otherwise your marketing efforts will be much more likely to fall flat.

Focusing On the Short Term

It’s possible to get results with short-term social media marketing. Difficult, sure, but possible! But if you really want to make significant social media marketing solutions on any social media platform, it takes more than having the right tools and the right content. It takes building relationships. And that’s usually time-consuming. The fact of the matter is, the moniker ‘social media’ is incredibly apt; the more impersonal businesses make their posts, usually the less engagement they’re likely to net from them. Treat using social media for a business very similar to how you would as a person, building long-term relationships, and you’ll see a whole different scale of activity.

Give It Away

Whatever you can, give away for free! Some clients who would be unlikely to try a new product can become lifelong customers if you hook them with a free gift, product, or sample. And if they have a positive experience with their free reward, you can bet that they’ll help promote your product for free by talking to other people about it! Even if you’re on a tight budget, that kind of possible brand power is too significant to ignore. So even when you’re tempted to charge, when first rolling out a product… give it away!

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