Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, 'Special Edition' Bundle Announced


  • New ‘special edition’ bundle costs $140
  • Pro Controller priced at $75
  • Second limited-edition bundle, after the GameCube one

Nintendo has quietly unveiled a new “special edition” of its upcoming title Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which will ship with a themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The new limited-edition bundle is currently listed only in the US, priced at $140 (about Rs. 9,800) on Best Buy. The ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’, as it’s being called, will also be available standalone starting December 7, the same day as the game’s release on the Switch. The Pro Controller is up for pre-order on Best Buy at $75 (about Rs. 5,260).

Though Smash Bros.’ North American website doesn’t provide any written details, an included image shows a steel book case in addition to the themed monochromatic Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, replete with the Smash Bros. logo. The Best Buy listing for the new bundle doesn’t have any images but it does mention the ‘Steelbook’ and the Pro Controller as well as the game itself, while adding it’s just been announced and that more information is “coming soon”.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Smash Bros Ultimate special edition

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate costs $60 (about Rs. 4,200) by itself, and with the Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller priced at $75, you’re essentially paying just $5 (about Rs. 350) for the steel book case. That’s not a bad deal at all, especially if you’ve been thinking of getting a Pro Controller.

This is the second limited edition that has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The previous one – exclusive to Europe – includes a Smash Bros.-edition of the GameCube Controller along with a GameCube Controller Adapter for the Switch.

In the UK, the Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition is priced at GBP 90 (about Rs. 8,100): Smash Bros. Ultimate costs GBP 50 (about Rs. 4,500), GameCube Controller is GBP 30 (about Rs. 2,700), and GameCube Controller Adapter is GBP 20 (about Rs. 1,800), so you’ll in fact save money with the bundle.

For what it’s worth, the GameCube Controller and the GameCube Controller Adapter are available outside Europe; both are up for pre-order in the US at $30 (about Rs. 2,100) and $20 (about Rs. 1,400) respectively.