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HP touts the Elite x3 superphone as a ‘game changer’ in new video ad

HP Business Inc. released yet another video showcasing their flagship phone, the HP Elite x3. The video includes a small quote from eWeek saying that it is a “game changer,” right at the beginning of the video. The video is a nice indication that HP takes this phone seriously and that they do care about their Windows-powered […]

Microsoft’s Latest Anti-MacBook Ad Focuses on Surface Pro 4’s Touchscreen

Over the weekend, Microsoft launched a new ad for the Surface Pro 4, continuing its marketing strategy of comparing the tablet computer to Apple’s products, this time the 13-inch MacBook Air. The ad is the newest in Microsoft’s anti-Apple theme of commercials, previously comparing the iPad Pro with the Surface Pro 4, the MacBook Pro […]

Microsoft bashes Apple’s iPad Pro computer claims in new Surface ad

Microsoft first started bashing the iPad with comparison ads back in the Windows 8 days of 2013, and the company is now reviving its efforts this week with a new commercial aimed squarely at the iPad Pro. Apple’s latest iPad Pro commercial really wants you to believe the iPad Pro is a full computer, and Microsoft is […]

Victoria’s Secret’s top competitor just released a lingerie ad that’s unlike anything else we’ve seen from a major retailer

Aerie just released another norm-defying campaign. American Eagle’s lingerie company has appealed to the young demographic by nixing airbrushing in 2014 with its groundbreaking#AerieREAL campaign and by employing a body-positive, inspirational vibe. Its latest campaign, “Show Us Your Spark,” takes its mission another step further, as it features more than just models. Rather, it features bloggers, designers, bloggers, and […]