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Xbox beta app for Windows 10 adds Clubs and Looking For Group feature

The Xbox beta app, available on Windows 10 devices, has been updated with 2 highly-anticipated features – Clubs and Looking For Group. These 2 new features add to the growing array of social-enabled features of Microsoft’s gaming platform. Possibly the biggest feature, Clubs, enables gamers to join a group of others who follow similar interests […]

OpenBSD 6.0 Operating System Adds Support for ARMv7 Architectures, OpenSSH 7.3

On September 1, 2016, Theo de Raadt from the OpenBSD project had the enormous pleasure of announcing the release and general availability of the OpenBSD 6.0 operating system. OpenBSD 6.0 has been in development for the past five months, and as expected, it’s yet another massive update that contains numerous updated components, new features and […]

Google adds new muscle to Snapseed photo editor for iPhone, iPad

Snapseed, a Google photo editor that goes beyond the basics of Google Photos, just got a little more serious. With Wednesday’s Snapseed 2.9 release for iPhones and iPads, the software now can edit raw-format photos, the pictures taken directly from a digital camera’s image sensor without any processing. Photo enthusiasts love raw photos. Although they’re […]