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Today’s Chanakya exit poll gets it right again

As the Lok Sabha trends started coming in on Friday, many were quick to notice how close they were to the predictions made by Today’s Chanakya. But this was not the first time that the little-known organisation led by V.K. Bajaj has accurately predicted the outcome of elections. Last December, it accurately forecast the rise […]

Never lose your phone again with this new gadget

Tired of losing your keys or your phone? This new gadget will quickly become your new best friend. The Nut Find 3 Tracker is a tiny, portable, tile-shaped device that will notify you if you’re forgetting something. You can even attach it to your phone. Here’s how it works: the Nut Tracker pings you once […]

Microsoft Again Says Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update Will Launch “Soon”

Dona Sarkar, the head of the Windows Insider program, reiterated this message once again only a few minutes ago on Twitter, saying that Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update “is coming soon, we want to make sure with listen to the feedback and release it at the right time.” While this is further confirmation that Windows […]