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Myst arrives on Android, Riven to follow soon

If you are of a certain age you will grin at the sound of the world “Myst,” recalling the game that originally debuted in 1993 and enthralled computer gamers with its weird, atmospheric puzzles and amazing (for the time) graphics. Riven came not too long after, debuting in 1997 and spanned five CDs. Myst is […]

Cortana for Android and iOS arrives in the UK with new design

Microsoft has announced that it’s finally making Cortana for Android and iOS available in the UK. The Cortana for Android app will be out in the UK “over the course of this week”, while the iOS app will be in the iTunes App Store “in a few weeks”. Cortana’s trip across the big pond and […]

The Facebook App Nobody Is Using Arrives on Android

Facebook has released its new app on Android, two months after it made its debut on iOS. We’re guessing you’ve never heard of Lifestage though, because it has so far sailed under the radar on account of its niche nature. Lifestage is a standalone app aimed exclusively at teenagers. In that you literally have to […]

Alexa makes her way to mobile, Pokemon Go Plus arrives next week

Amazon’s Alexa is moving into the mobile world. The voice assistant is coming to some Amazon Firetablets as a software update — and that includes the newly upgraded Fire HD 8, shipping on September 21 for $89. It’s big news for Alexa’s growth, but voice assistant news won’t get me excited until they bring Star […]