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Small businesses get Facebook tools to find global customers

The social media company said Thursday it’s adding features to its small business sites that allow companies to search for and advertise to customers in other countries. Businesses will be able to choose which countries they want to target, and can aim at customers in specific regions or the entire world. The features will be […]


The Galaxy Note 7 is not due to arrive in stores until Friday, August 19. However, many of those who pre-ordered Samsung’s latest smartphone will be getting an early surprise. There are several posters on Reddit that have claimed they have received their shipping information for their Note 7. “Wooooooooo! So excited!” says Killshot_Jon, who […]

Mobile bill shock for O2 customers holidaying in Europe

O2 mobile users heading abroad should check if the travel bolt-on package, automatically charged to phones on arrival overseas, is suitable for them, after several people found they were being charged excessive amounts for sending the odd text message while on holiday. Thousands of the firm’s customers heading to Europe are automatically paying £1.99 each […]

Pokémon Go proves gaming psychology can help lure customers and profits

Pokémon Go’s extraordinary ability to drive foot traffic to stores has captured the imagination of the business community. Instead of relying on traditional forms of marketing, many companies have tapped into gamers’ mindsets to boost revenue and increase customer bases. But the idea of using games to motivate action among consumers and drive profits for […]

T-Mobile bulks up as new customers gobble pizza freebies and more

Never underestimate the power of free pizza. When T-Mobile in early June launched its freebie program, which gave away pizza, streaming movies and, for some, shares of the company, it likely didn’t have a sense of how quickly its customers would embrace the idea. Its T-Mobile Tuesday app crashed on launch day. The free pizza […]