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A New Internet Tax in Canada Would Keep Indigenous People Offline

Recent reports suggest Heritage Canada Minister Mélanie Joly is debating adding a fee to the bills of Internet subscribers to help pay for Canadian content. If adopted, this Internet service provider (ISP) tax would hurt the pocketbooks of all Internet users in Canada—hitting Indigenous communities the hardest. Canadians have paid some of the highest prices […]

Keep up with this fall’s new TV shows and movies with Bing

Keeping up with all of the upcoming and cancelled TV programs and movies can be a bit of a challenge. There’s the upcoming Fall TV season, the Primetime Emmy Awards, and tons more to keep up with. For anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the boob tube, Bing has a number of tools available. […]

This must-have laptop accessory will keep your computer from overheating

Unless I’m at the office, I prefer sitting with my computer on my couch or, even better, my bed. While forgoing a desk does have its perks — namely a better vantage point for watching TV — laptops can become unbearably hot if you’ve been using them for too long. A lap desk for your computer gives […]