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Rio Olympics 2016: Ethiopian track runner smashes a world record by 14 seconds

The first big event in track at these 2016 Games has brought upon a world record. A smashing world record at that. Ethiopian runner Almaz Ayan ran the women’s 10,000 meters in 29 minutes, 17.45 seconds. It beats the old record, set in 1993 by China’s Junxia Wang, by more than 14 seconds. It’s Ayan’s […]

Mutilated body washes up on Rio Olympics volleyball seashore

Elements of a mutilated body have washed up on the sands of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro simplymeters from where beach volleyball athletes will compete in the approaching Olympics. The discovery is the latest to unnerve the city because it grapples with growing crime, a recession and exhausted nation budget at a time whilst […]