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Yale computer scientists unveil new OS

The world is now one step closer to the large-scale development of hacker-resistant operating systems, thanks to the efforts of a team from the Yale Computer Science Department. Led by computer science professor Zhong Shao, the Yale researchers have built CertiKOS, an operating system that comes with its own proof. This means that the operating […]

Google reportedly working on a laptop and tablet running an Android-Chrome OS hybrid

Google is reportedly working on a new Pixel laptop that will run on the long-gestating new operating system that merges Android and Chrome OS. According to Android Policeand 9to5Google, the device is known internally by the codename “Bison” or Pixel 3, and will run on what’s currently being called “Andromeda” when it sees release in Q3 2017. […]

Aruba Updates Mobile OS for SDN Era

Aruba Networks has always been a mobile networking company, with a product portfolio of wireless access points and related software. But when Aruba Networks was first founded back in 2002, wireless connectivity wasn’t as pervasive as it is today in modern enterprises. In a bid to double down on its mobile heritage and capabilities, Aruba […]