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Rio 2016: Social media reacts to Thursday’s Olympic action

Ladies and gentlemen, Leslie Jones arrived at the Olympics and she is PUMPED! NBC invited the actress and comedian to join their broadcast efforts after she went viral for herenthusiastic couch cheering. She took in some gymnastics and then watched some swimming.She was joined by some other celebs, including Matthew McConaughey — he’s waaaay in […]

Rio Games: Relive US Swim Team’s Memorable Highlights on Social Media

History was made in the pool at the Rio Olympics. Michael Phelps, the world’s most decorated Olympian of all time, cemented his place in the history books, winning five gold medals in Rio, his 23rd overall. Katie Ledecky shattered the 800-meter freestyle world record and Anthony Ervin pulled off two gold wins 16 years apart, becoming […]

Indian journalists take to mobile phone and 4G to broadcast live from Rio

It had to happen. A perfect combination of rapidly-changing mobile phone technology, high-fidelity sound and 4th generation communication ability is making television newsgathering a cakewalk. Live TV has gone miniature. When the large betacam camera with a cameraperson, a sound recordist and a light person gave way to digital cams with one video journalist, it […]

Rio Olympics 2016: Ethiopian track runner smashes a world record by 14 seconds

The first big event in track at these 2016 Games has brought upon a world record. A smashing world record at that. Ethiopian runner Almaz Ayan ran the women’s 10,000 meters in 29 minutes, 17.45 seconds. It beats the old record, set in 1993 by China’s Junxia Wang, by more than 14 seconds. It’s Ayan’s […]