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Video teaser for the Huawei nova 4 makes us yearn to see it

The Huawei nova 4 is coming in ten days on December 17 and will be Huawei’s first crack at a phone with an in-screen selfie camera (and the second in the world). So naturally Huawei will do all it can to hype up the phone as much as possible in the days leading up to […]

See the latest craze that’s making Al Roker, Kevin Hart, athletes and teens freeze up

Don’t move a muscle! It’s the latest internet trend that’s sure to stop you dead in your tracks: the #MannequinChallenge. High school students across the country are jumping in on the action, tweeting videos of themselves and their classmates remaining as still as possible, in their best effort to channel a mannequin. Many of the […]

See the Working Pokemon GBA Game Created Inside of Minecraft

The possibilities in Minecraft seem endless, with players building incredible creations, such as the entire map from Grand Theft Auto V. Now, one player has built a working Game Boy Advance, on which you can play a simple version ofPokemon FireRed. YouTube user Reqaug posted a video of his creation, showing what you can do […]