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Here Are Some Guidelines To Help Make The Internet Of Things More Secure

What happens when you take any old object, give it an Internet connection and a modicum of processing power? Just like any computing device, they can be hacked and forced to join a sprawling botnet that becomes a potent weapon in a malicious hacker’s arsenal. This is precisely what is happening with the new Linux/IRCTelnet malware […]

Google offers baseball bat and some chains with which to hit open source software

For a while now, Google’s Chrome team has had a fuzzing tool to help them find bugs in the browser before bounty hunters do. Now, Mountain View has decided the same techniques can be applied to open source software in general. The company’s emitted the first generalised version of its OSS-fuzz software at GitHub. A […]

Windows 10 build 14926 causing SIM card, PIN problems for some Windows phones

Being a Windows Insider can be a fun and satisfying experience, as participants gain access to the newest Windows 10 bits before anyone else. As with all beta programs, however, being an Insider carries some risks, not the least of which is rendering a device unresponsive following the installation of a new build. Windows 10 […]