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Doug installs free, legal Windows virtual machines

Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth shows off a method combining the free VirtualBox product with freely downloadable Windows virtual machines direct from Microsoft. There’s a face-sized asterisk, of course, but this is still a pretty solid tactic to get you up and running with free Windows VMs in about 10 minutes. [Source:-Tc]

HTC Vive on top in virtual reality gaming

Oculus has become the best-known name in virtual reality thanks to Palmer Luckey, its young founder, its $2.4m Kickstarter campaign and its $2bn acquisition by Facebook. Yet in the first innings of this market, it is not Oculus but HTC’s Vive that is a hit with early adopters. In some ways that has as much […]

This guy made his own virtual workspace with Microsoft’s HoloLens

Did you ever wonder if it was possible to use Microsoft’s HoloLens headset to be more productive when sitting in front of your computer? YouTube channel The Holo Heraldpublished yesterday a demo of his “mixed-reality office” where he pins many HoloLens apps around his desktop computer (via Reddit). In the video, you can see several Microsoft […]