The best gadgets for audiophiles you can buy for your workplace

You love music and can’t work without it. But what gadgets should you buy to make your office a true audiophile’s paradise? Read on.

The best gadgets for audiophiles you can buy for your workplace

Working to the beat goes way beyond listening to your Spotify playlist on your desktop speakers. But you knew that already. From high-end headphones to a sustainable turntable, the best gadgets for audiophiles at work make your office music anything but ordinary.

Though pricy, we love the Mark Levinson x Harmon N° 5909 headphones. They’re the result of decades of research into acoustics, turning your workday music into a true performance.

For the vinyl lovers out there, we recommend the Pro-Ject Audio A1 Automat turntable. It’s affordable and sustainably made, letting you enjoy your records right in your office.

Upgrade your office to fit your music tastes with these cool audiophile gadgets for workspaces.

Are you an audiophile who likes to dabble in creation? Add the Monogram Creative Console modular control collection to your workspace. These modular tools streamline your photo edits, and the slider makes controlling virtual instruments a breeze.

Enjoy music calibrated to your ears with the Nocs Design NS1100 AIR audiophile wireless earbuds. Their tech makes a model of your hearing and adapts the audio appropriately. Keep them at your desk to enjoy customized music while you work.

Show off your love for vinyl with the Pro-Ject Audio A1 Automat automatic turntable. Handmade, sustainable, and affordable, it plays your records while you type away at the computer. It definitely belongs on a roundup of best gadgets for audiophiles at work.

Do you record your own songs? The Universal Audio SD-1 dynamic microphone adds polish, amplifies clarity, and even ignores background noise, making it one of the best gadgets for audiophiles at work.

A cool audiophile choice for home offices, the Anker SoundCore Mini portable Bluetooth speaker doesn’t take up much space. It fits in your hand, plays for 15 hours on a single charge, and has a mic so you can use it for calls.

Work to your jam when you add the Tivoli Audio Model One Digital Gen. 2 smart radio to your office. This beautiful gadget plays music from AirPlay 2 and Chromecast as well as other apps. Plus, it’s a traditional radio, playing local broadcasts.

Break time in your home office is about to get cooler with the Roland BTM-1 Bluetooth speaker. While it plays high-quality audio, its guitar input sets it apart. Plug in your guitar and use the speaker as an amp for a midday instrumental interlude.

Another of the best gadgets for audiophiles at work is the Mark Levinson x Harmon N° 5909 hi-fi headphones. Although pricey, they play impressive expertly tuned sound and let you take calls.

If you’re serious about listening to music while you work, you’ll love the Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers. With 80 watts of power, they deliver punchy bass and crisp mids all workday long.

Play music from your favorite apps with the Cambridge Audio Evo all-in-1 music players. The series includes 2 models and both support AirPlay 2, Spotify, Tidal Connect, etc. while playing premium hi-fi audio.

Your office will match your music tastes when you add any of these gadgets for audiophiles. Do you own any of these gadgets? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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Loknath Das