Adpow launches to help marketers and SMBs extend their social media base

Social metrics tool for business, Flapit, has launched its new social media growth platform,Adpow. The B2B platform helps start-ups, SMBs, and publishers grow their social media base.

It aims to deliver more “memorable, meaningful, and lasting interactions than current alternatives at a lower cost”. It intends to “grow the number of ways a business or social influencer can interact with their audience”.

Marketers and social media managers often struggle to extract ROI from social. Fifty-nine percent of SMBs see “little or no return” from their social activities.

However, research shows that 71 percent of social media users are more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow.

Only 15 percent of a brand’s marketing budget is dedicated to social media.

The toolkit was created to complement Flapit’s IoT social metrics counter device. It helps users create custom social media campaigns, interact with customers, monitor engagement, derive audience insights, and run online competitions.

The engagement and growth tools are being tested by brands such as Manpower, JCDecaux, and Havas Media.

SMBs and brands can access the platform for a monthly subscription fee. Businesses pay $37 per month and brands are charged $247 per month for the service.

Companies will be able to measure engagement metrics against monthly subscription costs for an overview of social ROI.

The company plans to launch a secondary Adpow platform for influencers and brands to directly connect.

Influencers will be able to monetise their following by promoting branded content. Brands can select influencers with an appropriate audience for brand promotions.

Christophe Avignon, CEO and founder, said: “The Flapit device allows brands to show off social metrics – such as likes, followers, ratings and check-ins – and encourage customer engagement, helping bridge the gap between online and offline environments.”

He added, “Now with Adpow they can also harness the power of innovative engagement tools to continue the relationship online.”

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