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You don’t need to have a computer science degree from Stanford to be working on one of Google’s hottest teams

While the terms have kind of become buzzwords in startup land, Google has had teams doing research and building AI-driven applications for years. For example, the company established its “Brain” group five years ago and the team has since penned dozens of papers, built an open-source AI system called TensorFlow, and influenced a bunch of Google products […]

Google working on a new OS called Fuchsia: Report

As it turns out, Google is building a completely new operating system, which is not just an upgrade to Chrome OS or Android, but is instead a whole new system that isn’t derived from the Linux kernel, claims a report. The interesting bit: This OS will work across everything; from smart home devices to smartphones […]

Independence calling: how mobile phones set Indians free

August 14, 2016: On July 31, 1995, when then Union Communications Minister Sukh Ram made the first mobile call from the Department of Telecommunications in Delhi to then West Bengal Chief Minister Jyoti Basu at Writer’s Building in Kolkata, he told the veteran Bengali politician that the launch of wireless telephony was the most revolutionary […]

No Man’s Sky Mac release date rumours UK: No Man’s Sky days from PC launch – how long before a Mac port is unveiled?

No Man’s Sky is the hot game right now, but will Mac gamers be left out of the procedurally generated space exploration fun? In this article we sift through the rumours, hints and clues to speculate on whether and when No Man’s Sky is likely to be released on the Mac. And while we’re waiting for No […]

The Modern: United kingdom lawmaker desires Parliament to overturn Ecu vote

A British opposition lawmaker says Parliament ought to stop the “insanity” and overturn the result of a referendum calling for Britain to leave the ecu Union. Labour legislator David Lammy says Thursday’s countrywide vote turned into non-binding and “our sovereign Parliament needs to now vote on whether we must quit the european.” He says a […]