High-quality Android domestic screens: The Chrome cellphone

Awesome Android Home Screens: The Chrome Phone

Android and Chrome OS are inside the midst of coming together like in no way before. if you use bothstructures and want to take the synergy up a notch, this creative Android domestic screen setup is just thecomponent for you.

it is a little some thing i love to name the Chrome telephone — and it does exactly what you wouldexpect: It brings a flavor of the Chrome OS interface onto your Android device.

Submitted by means of an Android person who goes through the call “Wall Breaker,” the Chrome phonegives you a Chrome OS-inspired Apps button on the bottom-left of your property screen along with a Chrome OS-inspired popularity bar on the bottomright. Throw in some docked shortcuts of your desire,and you’ve got were given a setup that is practically dripping with Chrome-flavored syrup.
To wirelessll out the gap and hold some Android-wireless touches in area, our friend Mr. Breaker uses a time and date widget at the pinnacle of his home screen and a lovable ocean skyline as his background, as shown above. but being Android, of direction, you could switch matters up wi-ficultywireless andexchange the fashion of those elements to wiwireless own personal flavor:
you could even tweak the fame bar to provide it a Chrome OS-like notiwi-fication field with a stay counterin your unread text messages or emails:
it’s a wiwireless made in mobile platform heaven. seriouslywould a person get those a room already?

need to try it for yourself?

The Chrome telephone setup is notable simple to put in force — and also personalize, if you‘re sowilling. right here‘s the lowdown:

The ingredients

To get the Chrome cellphone home display screen in your personal tool, you’ll wirelessrst want to install the subsequent apps from the Google Play store:

Nova Launcher (free). one of the maximum customizable domestic display replacements for Android; it serves as the inspiration for this setup and lets in the whole lot to function the manner it must. if youneed extra features, consisting of the potential to have the email or text message counter field, you mayalso want to grab the Nova Launcher top key ($4.99).
Zooper Widget seasoned ($2.99). a versatile widget app that powers all of the Chrome cellphone‘sprimary on-display factors.
Europa Zooper (free). The particular Zooper widget (think about it like a skin) for the bottom-of-displayapp/status bar.
Fox for Zooper (loose). The wi-fi Zooper widget for the pinnacle-of-screen time and date widget.
So all in all, we’re talking approximately 3 bucks for the house display screen‘s basic capability — $eight in case you want to go all in with Nova and take advantage of its full set of capabilities.

recall, too, that Zooper Widget is highly flexible and has lots of person-made skins available inside thePlay shopmany of which might be loose. And Nova, of path, may be used for all forms of customcreations past this one setup. So whether you spend $3 or $eight, you are making an investment in appswhich can be properly really worth their value and able to establishing up many extra possibilities foryour own home screen inside the future.
The recipe

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as soon as you have got the above ingredients set up on your tool, comply with these steps to get your new home screen up and going for walks:

(truthful caution: this will seem like loads to do, however that is best because i am breaking the whole thing down into distinct person steps. in case you comply with those wi-fi commands, the system isabsolutely quite instantlyforward and should not take greater than a couple of minutes to wiwireless.)

1. Hit your device‘s home button, then select Nova Launcher and tell the gadget to try this equalcomponent each time. (you can constantly trade this inside thedomesticphase of your predominantgadget settings in case you later determine you want to go back to what you were the usage of earlier than.)

2. Open up Nova Settings, which have to be to be had as an app both on your property display screen orto your app drawer. faucetcomputer,” then “computing device grid.” Set each of the values to 7 andmake sure “Subgrid Positioning” is checked. faucetwi-finishedwhile you‘re wireless.

3. whilst still within thelaptopphase of Nova Settings, tap “Icon format.” Set the “Icon lengthvalue to 70% and tap the toggle subsequent to “Label” to show that alternative off. tap your device‘s back buttonwhile you‘re wi-finished.

four. at the same time as still inside thecomputerphase of Nova Settings, search for the choiceclassifiedweb page indicator” and set it to “None.” subsequent, tap “Dock,” then faucet the toggle within the topproper nook of that display screen to disable the dock completely.

wiwireless. even as nevertheless within thecomputing devicesegment of Nova Settings, scroll all themanner down and tap the road labeledsuperior,” then turn on the toggles for both “Widget overlap” and “Overlap while placing.”
6. Head lower back to your house display screen (both through urgent your tool‘s domestic button orpressing the back key more than one instances). Then, one after the other, touch and keep every itemit is there — which include all shortcuts and the Google seek bar on the top — and dispose of all theobjects by way of dragging them separately up to the “x” on the pinnacle of the display. You need a totally clean canvas to start.

7. as soon as the whole lot‘s gone, tap and hold in a blank area on your home display, then pick out“Widgets” and scroll down till you notice the line for Zooper Widget pro. Scroll horizontally on that line to the very stop, then tap and hold the item categorized “Zooper Widget 7×1” and drop it on your housedisplay screen‘s bottommost line.

8. You must now see a placeholder box on your private home screen educating you to faucet to start. tapthat container, then pick “Europa” from the listing that appears and scroll down until you wireless the widget classified “Europa_027.” faucet that widget to pick it — or, in case you want your backside-of-screen repute bar to expose your unread electronic mail or textual content message be counted, pick out “Europa_029” (for e-mail) or “Europa_030” (for text messages) instead.

nine. once you have decided on your widget, you’ll be taken to a display screen that’ll permit you toconwirelessgure it. tapformat,” then scroll to the lowest of the listing. tap the choice classified “Bitmap Icon Set: fabric Wiwireless sign,” then wi-fiwiwireless and faucet the choice categorized “Module OnTap.” Swipe over twice until you are under the “Shortcuts” header, then locatewireless and faucet“Settings shortcut” and pick “c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a” from the list that appears.

10. faucet your device‘s lower back button once, then repeat the same actual step — only with the optionlabeled “Bitmap Icon Set: material Battery,” and this time, select “Battery” rather than“c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a” at the cease.
11. faucet your tool‘s returned button once, then faucet the option categorizedtext” (with the moderntime under it). locatewireless and faucet the option categorized “Module OnTap,” then swipe over oncetill you’re underneath the “App listing” header and pick “Clock” from the list that looks.

12. if you don’t need the clock to place a zero in front of unmarried-digit times (i.e. you need it to expose9:00″ instead of “09:00”), scroll down and wi-fiwiwireless the option categorizedtext content material.”faucet “Time,” then pick “AM/PM short clock.”

thirteen. faucet your tool‘s lower back button as soon as, then faucet the wiwireless option within thelistthe one truelywireless classified “Bitmap.” Then scroll down and wi-fi the choice classified “Bitmap” (yes, again), and locatewireless and pick out an photo which you like. This photograph may be used as the prowi-file picture within the backside-of-display status bar. (observe that if you‘re using the reputebar that indicates your unread e mail or textual content message matter, this element might not be displayed — so that you wi-fi don’t want to bother putting it.)

14. faucet your device‘s again button a few times to get lower back to your house display. Ta-da: Your app/fame bar widget must now be in place and functioning! in case you want to add any docked shortcutsbetween the Apps icon and the popularity bar, faucet the Apps button after which wi-finitely drag some thing icons you want onto the proper places on your own home display screen.

15. All it really is left now’s to feature the top-of-screen clock widget. To get the one our pal Wall Breakeruses, faucet and hold in any blank space on your property display, then pick out “Widgets” and scroll down till you spot the road for Zooper Widget seasoned. Scroll horizontally on that line to the very end, then tap and maintain the object categorised “Zooper Widget 7×2” and drop it in the direction of thepinnacle of your private home display screen.

tap the widget’s placeholder container, then select “Fox For Zooper” from the listing that appears and scroll down until you wi-find the widget labeled “fox_widget17.” tap that widget to pick out it.

If that precise design isn’t your cup of tea, there are masses of other interesting top-of-screen widgetoptions you may wi-find in the Zooper Europa and Zooper Fox packages. i love this minimum one, that’sindexed as “fox_widget26” beneath the Fox section:
Or, of direction, you could use another widget you want — or no widget in that place in any respect.

The result

this is it! Your Chrome OS-like Android home display have to now be absolutely conwi-figured andfunctional.

two systems overlapping in candy, geeky harmony. Ain’t life grand?!

test out greater Android professional prowi-files under or in the reliable Google+ series — and ship yourown creative domestic display submissions to