Interior Design Services Assumes The Dekalb Office Name, Announces Closing of Design Studio

Interior Design Services, acquired by DeKalb Office in 2012, will assume the name DeKalb Office and operate as DeKalb’s Middle Tennessee headquarters. DeKalb provides a comprehensive suite of services that improves clients’ interior spaces for corporate, healthcare, and education environments.

The name change coincides with the opening of a new headquarters in Armory Oaks, near One Hundred Oaks. IDS’s former offices were in Brentwood.

Operational as of July 2016, the 100,000 sq. ft. plus facility combines DeKalb’s “Client Experience Center” office space with a warehouse for receiving, storing and distributing furniture for the Middle Tennessee market. The Client Experience Center demonstrates furniture solutions for corporate, healthcare, and learning environments. The corporate spaces reflect individual, open, shared, and collaborative work settings that showcase an array of potential uses and applications for professional offices of every kind. The healthcare spaces demonstrate innovative solutions for hospitals and medical office buildings. The education spaces include a built-to-scale classroom designed to demonstrate active learning principles and integrated technology.

“We’ve grown significantly over the last few years, with an acquisition in Alabama and then IDS here in Tennessee,” said Dick Meier, COO of DeKalb Office. “We believe the best way to meet our clients’ needs going forward is by having one culture and one brand. This ensures we consistently deliver a great experience to our clients in all three markets. Our expertise remains in our comprehensive, collaborative approach to providing innovative solutions to our clients.”

Previously IDS provided architectural and interior design services through an in-house design studio. The Design Studio will cease operations on September 16, 2016 to allow for a smooth transition of existing projects.

“As our industry and clients’ needs have evolved, so has our business model. The closing of the Design Studio is aligned with our corporate strategy and consistent with our market approach in the Birmingham and Atlanta markets,” said Mark Hamilton, General Manager, DeKalb Office, Nashville.

Founded in 1952, DeKalb Office, is a team of intuitive thinkers who provide innovative and practical solutions to unlock human potential within corporate, healthcare, and learning environments. With offices in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, DeKalb serves clients throughout North America. DeKalb is an authorized Steelcase dealer. DeKalb provides comprehensive turn-key products and services, including
office furniture, architectural product solutions, integrated technology, needs assessment, product design specifications, product sourcing and estimating, project management, installation, asset management, refurbishment, reconfiguration, and move management.

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