Let’s build a gaming PC with the indispensable Terry Crews

Terry Crews has worn a lot of my favorite hats. He’s been a football player, a future American president, a screaming human muscle drumkit, and the most lovable detectivein the entire Brooklyn 99. But it’s Crews’ latest incarnation — as a hardcore PC gamer — that has endeared me more than anything else to this king among men. Crews documented his newfound interest in a Facebook live stream yesterday, talking viewers through his plans to build a monster gaming PC against a backdrop of cases, motherboards, and other components.

Crews says he’s building the rig as a chance to spend time with his son — “a big gamer” — but also admits he himself has a fast-growing interest in the hobby. “I went on this thing with Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx, we were playing Battlefield 1,” he explains to the camera. “And man, I was hooked. It was really, really fun.” I was actually there to witness the birth of his new fascination, at the EA pre-E3 event he describes in Los Angeles last month. Where I saw Jamie Foxx ragequit after a few minutes of ineffective sniping, Crews stood at his monitor the whole time, cheering, gasping, and grinning his way through the trenches of 1910s France.

Also legit is Crews’ PC, which he promises is built from parts he bought himself, rather than those handed to him by companies keen to earn his sponsorship. Like the man himself, the PC is a beast. It boasts an Intel Core i7-6800K processor, a two terabyte solid-state drive, 32GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM, and a dedicated closed-loop water cooler for the CPU. The only thing missing from the full rundown is a graphics card, but a comment on the video indicates Crews picked up a top-of-the-line GeForce GTX 1080 to round out the build. Of course he did.

Switching a gym habit for one that puts him in front of a PC for hours could spell the end for Crews’ legendary physique, but he promises he’ll maintain his gains. “There’s nothing wrong with gaming!” he says. “I make sure I stay physical also, but it’s a fun world.” I’m looking forward to more updates as Crews tries to maneuver his brick-sized hands around inside a case to connect a SATA pin into a SSD he’s accidentally tucked being his GPU, but if anyone can bring the kind of perseverance and positive attitude you need to actually put together a PC without throwing a screwdriver through a window, it’s him.

[Source:- The Verge]