Podcast 500: SE Stands for Super Exciting

apple iphone se colors

The Macworld podcast celebrates its 500th episode! Yes, 500 years ago—we mean 11 years ago, this podcast started humbly as an experiment by a Macworld intern turned staffer recorded partly in a conference room with a nerdy guest named…Glenn Fleishman calling in remotely. Did the experiment succeed?

In this episode, after a welcome from one-time staffer Cyrus Farivar, Susie and Glenn talk with columnist and former editor Jason Snell about Apple’s introduction of the iPhone SE and Jason’s hands-on time with it. We also discuss the latest in the FBI/Apple case, the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and the iMessage security flaw patched this week.

Glenn takes a literal field trip this episode, too, to check in with a long-time contributor about his ruminations on the paucity of thoughtfulness among pundit: We chew the cud with the Macalope.

Show notes

  • Episode 1 of the “Geek Factor Podcast” at Macworld
  • Jason’s hands-on with the iPhone SE
  • Our coverage of the iPhone SE
  • New Watch bands and price drop
  • What’s up with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • Apple tvOS 9.2 updates
  • iMessage encryption flaw fixed

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[Source:- Macworld]