See the original GoldenEye 007 recreated in DOOM


With DOOM’s open multiplayer beta now live on all systems, you could already get a flavor of the prodigal shooter’s modern-day reincarnation. Alternately, you may relive the times of antique via a mod that combines the Nintendo 64’s GoldenEye 007 with the authentic DOOM engine.

Modder “Demo_the_man” is tough at paintings on Goldeneye 007 tc, an up to date version of a DOOM-ified GoldenEye 64. As Demo wrote on ModDB, the mod will make several additions to its predecessor, along withcomedian e-book style cutscenes,” progressed level design, “more Bond one-liners” and updatedtank fashions.

“So after approximately 12 hours of labor, i’ve broadly speaking completed the first degree of the damlevel, and it feels just like the fine job i have performed with outdoor regions but,” Demo said of the mod’s first gameplay footage (above).

you can monitor the mod’s development and download its current construct for your self over on ModDB.