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Don’t Call Riverhead Design Labs Just Another Art Department

Riverhead Design Labs, helmed by Riverhead art director and 2015 PW Star Watch Superstar Helen Yentus, is an interdepartmental operation made up of the publisher’s art department and a rotating cast of Riverhead employees including publicists, marketers, editors, and publisher Geoffrey Kloske himself. Part traditional art department and part research and development group, the pseudo-department […]

You don’t need to have a computer science degree from Stanford to be working on one of Google’s hottest teams

While the terms have kind of become buzzwords in startup land, Google has had teams doing research and building AI-driven applications for years. For example, the company established its “Brain” group five years ago and the team has since penned dozens of papers, built an open-source AI system called TensorFlow, and influenced a bunch of Google products […]

Don’t go for the cheapest option when you’re buying a computer – here’s why

It’s tempting to go with the cheapest option when it comes to buying expensive computers that have different models and pricing options. You might ask yourself if you really need the extra horsepower of a more expensive laptop if all you’ll be doing is browsing the web, lurking on social media, streaming videos, and doing […]