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Rio 2016: Social media reacts to Thursday’s Olympic action

Ladies and gentlemen, Leslie Jones arrived at the Olympics and she is PUMPED! NBC invited the actress and comedian to join their broadcast efforts after she went viral for herenthusiastic couch cheering. She took in some gymnastics and then watched some swimming.She was joined by some other celebs, including Matthew McConaughey — he’s waaaay in […]

Olympic Roundup: Michael Phelps ‘Not Coming Back in 4 Years’ Katie Ledecky crushes her own world record By Tim Sohn

Friday Michael Phelps put an end to any speculation that he will return to the Olympic games in four years, and Katie Ledecky smashed her own world record for the 800-meter freestyle. The U.S. remained on top of the medal count (now 50) again on Friday. Here’s what marketers need to know about the last […]

#PhelpsFace, Olympic parents and other social media gold

Memes of Michael Phelps cluttered social media feeds Monday night as people laughed about his death stare in the “ready room.” With all eyes on everything Olympics-related, very little slips under the social media radar. Here are a few things spotted this week: Reaction face It wasn’t one of Michael Phelps’ finer facial moments when […]