This living mural thought will make you do a double take


That is one surreal proposal.

San Francisco artist Alexa Meade uses humans as human canvasses to create stunning pop artwork art work that look like transferring work of art, and one latest photo shoot proved specifically eye-poppingwhile it concluded in a actualexistence suggestion.

Longtime couple Cristina Cordova and Daniel Levine had been painted with the aid of Meade for a shoot in San Francisco’s Balmy Alley on April 24, Meade wrote on her fb, on the cease of which Levine proposed to Cordova. inside the optical illusion of a video, a black-and-white painted Levine is able to locate the appropriate second to kneel down with a hoop even as an unsuspecting Cordova looks the other way.

once Cordova catches on to what is happening, her reaction is simply as pictureperfect: She statedyes.