The Xotic Drone can look striking.

It’s probably time to upgrade your PC, and Xotic wants the honor of building it for you.

The company has its Drone desktops with the Asus Z170 motherboard that start at $1,100, and I’ve tested it out with a configuration that features the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and an Intel Core i7-6700K at 4Ghz . It’s attractive combination, and one that I would recommend for gamers who want something unique that professionals assemble.

What you’ll like

Compact and handsome with plenty of room

One of the major benefits of having a company like Xotic build you a PC is that you will typically get the most out of the hardware. I know plenty of people take pride in their cable management, but it’s a skill that I lack. But Xotic delivered the Drone to me in its Mini-ITX case and did such a fine job with it that the final package is both smaller and roomier than my own ATX-cased build.

This makes the system eye-catching both at first glance and when you take a long look at it. You’ll want that because the system’s size enables you to potentially put it in an entertainment center, where it’ll stand out but won’t look ridiculous.