First Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage leaks

First Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage leaks

For a game EA has said almost nothing about in public there’s an increasingly large stack of leaks that are helping to give a picture of what Mass Effect: Andromeda will look and play like.

This is the first time video footage has leaked though, as website All Games Delta got a hold of what is part of an artist’s showreel from a version of the game now several years old.

It seems to be legit though, not least because jetpacks and the presence of the alien krogan are something we already know to be in the game.

Some of this, such as the jetpack sequence, does seem to be actual gameplay footage, while other sequences appear to be cut scenes. Other parts are clearly just tech demos, such as the explosion physics.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is due out next spring, and apart from the official trailer below that’s all BioWare has ever really said about it.

Considering this demo reel is from 2014 though, the game is already looking very impressive. So hopefully EA will start showing it off properly in the next few months.
[Source:- Metro]