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Internet providers will soon need permission to share your web browsing history

In a win for privacy advocates, the FCC voted this morning to place new restrictions on internet providers that limit the information they can share about their subscribers. When the rules go into place, likely sometime early next year, internet providers will be required to get explicit permission from subscribers before sharing “sensitive” information about […]

Android Pay is coming to the mobile web ‘soon,’ available first on Chrome

Android Pay will be up and running on the mobile web “soon,” says Google, letting users pay for their online shopping with their stored credit cards. Taking the payment system beyond something you use on your phone in stores has been on the cards for a while now (with new API support added in the most […]

PlayStation Now is coming to Windows PC in Europe, North America soon to follow

Soon, you’re going to be able to play your favorite PlayStation titles on Windows PC. Even more exciting news for Europe is that the PlayStation Now will be available for download as soon as tomorrow for UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Originally discovered earlier today as a ‘leak’ through an image caption, the PlayStation Europe […]

Microsoft Again Says Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update Will Launch “Soon”

Dona Sarkar, the head of the Windows Insider program, reiterated this message once again only a few minutes ago on Twitter, saying that Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update “is coming soon, we want to make sure with listen to the feedback and release it at the right time.” While this is further confirmation that Windows […]