See the Working Pokemon GBA Game Created Inside of Minecraft

The possibilities in Minecraft seem endless, with players building incredible creations, such as the entire map from Grand Theft Auto V. Now, one player has built a working Game Boy Advance, on which you can play a simple version ofPokemon FireRed.

YouTube user Reqaug posted a video of his creation, showing what you can do with Minecraft’s newly-added structure blocks. Although you can currently only explore a small part of the world, Reqaug says he’ll work on an update to bring Pokemon battles to the virtual handheld. You can see what he’s got so far in the video below.

You might notice that it doesn’t run quite as smoothly as the real version of the game. Reqaug has tried a couple different methods to help speed it up, including an increase to the tick rate, which they say doesn’t increase the render time.

“So far I’ve found Optifine is by far the best option,” they said. “The device can be improved by making each tile smaller. For example, you could make a texturepack where one block represents one tile. This way, fewer blocks would be placed when walking around, thus making it quicker and reducing lag for most people.”

It’s not clear if Reqaug will be able to improve the speed as work progresses on the Minecraft version of Pokemon. Even though Reqaug says they’ll continue work on the project, they’re “almost certain it will never be complete.”

“I want to dedicate time to other projects as well,” they said. Some of Reqaug’s previous Minecraft creations include giant, detailed weapons and a working Space Shot ride.

In related news, an official Nintendo-Minecraft crossover happened earlier this year in the form of the Super Mario Mash-up Pack for Wii U. Xbox head Phil Spencer said the partnership between Minecraft owner Microsoft and Nintendo was “great” and that it was “nice to see Minecraft doing so well on the Wii U.” However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as the Nintendo crossover DLC led to copyright claims on YouTube.


[Source:- Gamespot]